Specialized Therminal Head Warmer L/XL

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Specialized Therminal Head Warmer 2018 L/XL

Jacket, tights, gloves, shoe covers—you're layered-up and ready for anything. Thing is, though, you're forgetting a pretty large area of exposure—your head. However, our Therminal™ Head Warmer is there to protect your precious dome all winter long.

For the construction, it features our Therminal™ fabric, which is designed to both insulate and manage moisture buildup. To do so, it has a brushed fleece interior with a light loft that pulls moisture away from skin to evaporate it at the material's surface. This loft also has the added benefit of insulation, which occurs by trapping tiny pockets of warmth between the skin and the fabric. With these bases covered, you'll also find that it fully covers the ears, which cuts down on that annoying icy sting that comes at the hands of winter exposure.

  • Therminal™ fabrics feature a brushed fleece interior that insulates, while remaining highly breathable and effective at managing moisture
  • Full coverage over the ears minimizes exposure to keep you warm when the wind is biting.
  • Reflective elements increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.
  • Deflect® UV 50+ protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
Artikelnummer: 64814-0004
Anbieter Specialized

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